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Banks Use Delaying Tactics on PPI Claims

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LONDON, UK - JANUARY 27, 2015: City of London, business and bank

According to recent Ombudsman figures, banks are still using delaying tactics when it comes to processing PPI claims. The bank with by far the worst reputation for this is Lloyds, who have a staggering 80% of the complaints made against them upheld. Although customer complaints are still being made, the financial powerhouses involved in the scandal are simply refusing to deal with the situation with any kind of speed, with the provisional PPI deadline likely to be in the back of their minds.

As the deadline does appear to be steadily approaching, more and more consumers are looking to push through their claims in time. This has kept the figures for complaints high and the number of decisions that rule against financial companies equally great. What is accentuating the situation is the way in which banks are dealing with complaints. Rather than admitting their mistake and doing their utmost to rectify and regain their reputations, it seems instead the tactic is to initiate a long, drawn out process that bores the claimant into giving up instead.

As mentioned, statistically the worst culprit for this particular procedure is Lloyds Bank, with four out of every five complaints upheld over the 5 months between July and December 2015. This appears to indicate a lack of respect by the organisation, who appear to be doing little to deal fairly with customers throughout the process.

Lloyds aren’t the only company considered to have a poor record on this, with credit card companies such as Capital One under similar scrutiny, and equally failing to deal with the issue. More than three out of every five cases ruled against them, showing a similar lack of effort in dealing fairly with complaints.

To highlight the point further, the biggest culprit during the scandal, and the financial institution with the highest amount of complaints against them, was Bank of Scotland. They, interestingly, have less than half of the complaints upheld against them over the same period.

As mentioned, the deadline for PPI Claims is looking more and more likely to be dated spring 2018, meaning that the urgency for consumers is increasing. The figure for mis-sold PPI has now reached £30 billion, and will continue to rise over the next two years. Now is the time to ensure that you don’t miss out, especially as the financial organisations procrastinate. Get the repayment you deserve by calling Enjay Claims today on Freephone 0800 612 7958 or email info@enjaydebtmanagement.com for more information.

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