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How Do I Know If I’ve Been Mis-Sold My Mortgage?

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Mis-sold mortgages are more common than you think, with the FCA estimating that up to 2.5 million mortgages may have been mis-sold over the years. That’s why it’s imperative to know what constitutes mortgage mis-selling. If you have reason to believe your mortgage was mis-sold to you, keep on reading for our easy guide. Interest […]

Haven't Lloyds Learned Their Lesson

Haven’t Lloyds Learned Their Lesson?

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It looks like some banks haven’t learned their lesson since the huge PPI mis-selling scandal that has swept the nation. This comes as one trade union contacted the Financial Conduct Authority’s incoming chief, Andrew Bailey. The trade union TiM were contacted by staff at Lloyds branches, with reports that they are still under pressure to […]

Millions of People Confused by Bank Account Charges

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For almost every bill we pay, from insurance to gas and electricity, we have the option of comparing multiple suppliers to find the best deal. Finding value is a huge drive for most people, with strides taken to make offerings as transparent as possible. One area where this isn’t applicable though is personal banking, where […]

Have New Rules Stamped Out Mortgage Mis-Selling?

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In 2014 new rules were introduced to clamp down on the mortgage market and clear up the mess that mis-selling had left. We are now a year further on from these changes and yet the City Watchdog says that in almost 40% of the cases it reviewed there was confusion as to exactly why the […]